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Drive-In Concert series brings live music to parking lots in 3 U.S. cities

With summer here and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic forcing the cancelation of everything from car shows and sporting events to carnivals and festivals, concert promoters are getting creative.


Using the same format that has brought new-found popularity to drive-in movie theaters, concert tour promoter Live Nation has announced that it will host its first-ever drive-in concert series in several U.S. cities July 10–12. There will be a total of nine “Live from the Drive-In” shows in Nashville, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. Country superstar Brad Paisley will headline a show in each city, while fellow country artist Jon Pardi is scheduled to perform in two of the cities.


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The obvious issue with entertainment/travel that takes into account social distancing is the lack of density. Take an arena and cut out 80% of the people who can fill it and what happens? The ticket prices go through the roof. Nobody, or hardly anyone, would want to shell out $1000 to see a concert. Unfortunately, if social distancing becomes the norm, sports and other entertainment events will cease to be available to the common person.


Ah..... Cool cars, Chezzie movies, and the Snack bar. Simple fun.

Bring it on !!!!

Intermediate Driver

Yea, right. You are on the thirty second row and watching David Gilmour do Comfortably Numb and you aren’t gonna rush the stage ...

Advanced Driver

I had a similar reaction, only I was thinking it's all fun and games until the stage rush happens. I have spent enough time on the barricade to know that eventually everyone can get to the front row if they really want to, but in the age of COVID I really wouldn't want to be packed in that tight with people.

Advanced Driver

Are they going to draw a 6 foot radius circle exclusion zone at the point where the tailgating zones touch? Asking for a friend who is also a draftsman and noticed this glaring problem, not me.


Not an entirely new idea; I worked at a drive-in movie in Concord California in the summer of 1967, and one night we had a concert featuring the local group Country Joe and the Fish. For the same price as a movie, $1 per car. As per the norm in those days the only "sound system" was the bands stage amps. 


Similar to campgrounds and beaches, although social distancing can be accommodated at these venues, restrooms are a problem, for both incidental transfer and breakdown of social distance.


terrible! terrible! We just enabling big business and this idea is just teasing us because all they want is our money

lets get real and have real concerts or just give up thought that we will never have fantastic concert experiences we always enjoyed



I tend to think that it may be better than nothing, so let's give it a try.  If it bombs, well, not much lost.


I love that illustration of the drive-in convert!  The lot is mostly full of cars (many quite sporty-looking), and only a few SUV's - and not one **bleep** four-door pickup!!


Hopefully the larger vehicles will be directed toward the back, as is typical for drive-in movies already...but it's easy to imagine that there will be some self appointed royalty who will insist they deserve to be in everyone else's way.


fake news people, it's our responsibility  to search it out. There's evidence all around, all you need to do is just look for it.

Pit Crew

Our little drive in in Madera, Ca. is advertising the Keith Urban concert.