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Don't look now, but we've probably reached Peak Speed

There are two ways to get to grips with a fast car: thrash it or baby it-until you can thrash it. The first approach requires balls and expertise. The second requires humility and patience. As a man who's been humiliated on the track more times than I've had hot dinners, I'm a baby it kinda [...]

"gas-powered cars like the ones above are being replaced by cars whose carbon emissions are hidden at a power plant"

Great quote. Well-written article and reasonable points-of-view. I mean, I like going fast as much as I ever did, but it doesn't consume me as much as it did when I was younger. Of course, there weren't as many cars that would REALLY go that quick in those days, so maybe it was a case of once I got what I wanted, I didn't want it so badly anymore. Human nature... 😉
Intermediate Driver

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes…

Oh, I've got what I need...


Performance is not really an issue today, Even my wife's SUV will do 5 second 0-60 times with a V6.

Years ago you had to build to go fast and most that did knew how and where to use it. Today when you can drive it off the lot so many are unprepared for what they are about to do and it has led to many having accidents or just coming close to disaster.

Handling has also gotten to a point you can't reach limits on the road anymore as there is no margin of error. You go off a the speeds we are at now they pick you up with a scraper.
I am not against these cars and will hate to see them go as they get changed to EV.

Even the EV deal of 0-60 in 1 second is not really needed.

To be honest I almost find that slower ill handling cars much more fun and a challenge to drive at more same speeds. A well tuned car will not make you work to go stupid fast but a MG with Bump Steer will make you work hard to make a corner on a bumpy road.

I think anymore the number are what they are but they do not show the true experience and fun of learning a vehicles flaws and over coming them. I have taken my own car and tuned it to be better than the factory and that was fun trying to find the right set up.

I guess many just never get the true experience of working on and with a car. Just one aspect tot he hobby that has kind of gotten lost with the better cars today.

Performance is a function of car and the type of driver that drives it.

Here in Atlanta, I can double guarantee that if you get on our 285 loop highway, it is the Challengers and Chargers that rule, not Teslas, not Porsche, not anything electric or otherwise. It takes guts to drive fast in traffic, and those Challenger and Charger drivers got it in droves.

See it is that mentality of that driver that owns the Challenger that rules the road. The roar, of that engine, together with its power, and accessibility (price/performance/availability) makes it the one to rule them all. Not on paper immense torgue of electrics, or road hugging corner carving supercars. Perhaps in time, if electrics become accessible, they can rule. Right now, they are what BMWs used to be in 80s and 90s.

Dodge Challenger the beast of ATL.

Intermediate Driver

It’s like all those weird categories on PornHub: if you don’t understand it it’s not for you.
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Not saying a lot about the streets of ATL, is it? Or the Challenger... When the Camaro and Mustang both out-perform the Challenger (a car that hasn't had a meaningful design re-think since it debuted...based on a borrowed platform) in almost every measurable category, with the exception of one model, taking pride in 3rd place... perhaps The Bard said it best.

Also, BMWs of the 80s and 90s were brilliant. Light, driver-focused, simple. I'd take any performance-oriented BMW over any EV or FCA car any day of the week.

An excellent well-written article with pearls of style scattered thoughout. Like " cars whose carbon emissions are hidden at a power plant" Not only stylish but insightful. Or "Electric cars are the torque of the town". Or "...amphetamine-crazed opera singer...back end wiggles like an exotic dancer..." Even "lust for thrust". I'm not so sure about "...speeds are diminishing small." Maybe you mean diminishingly, a fairly obscure word. I hope to read more of you.
Intermediate Driver

Good catch: “diminishingly small” was the correct phrase. The older I get the more I see what’s not there. If you know what I mean.
Pit Crew

Great article, great writing (and I speak as someone who also gets paid to write). The legacy car mags might have nice pics and videos, but you can tell they're mostly just regurgitating press packets from manufacturers, but this type of writing -creative, playful, insightful, honest- is why I find myself spending more time on Hagerty and less with MT, C&D, R&T, PM, etc.

The instant thrill of EVs from 0 is fun, but my guess is that manufacturers will be forced to trade that thrill for practicality -- they all GOFAST!!! but the first manufacturer to address the very real concern of range anxiety and trade F-18-off-the-flight-deck-accelleration for a smaller motor that 'sips' 400-500+ miles from a single charge (and in a sub-$30K car or SUV) will show most people are happy with anything around 6-7 seconds for everyday driving. If you REALLY feel a need for speed, you'll go to an amusement park and hop in a roller coaster.

And most people seem to forget, it's often more fun to go fast in a slow car, than slow in a fast car. A 30 year old Golf will be more rewarding than a Tesla S 100 Plaidicrous, or whatever it's called this week.
Intermediate Driver

EV cars may be fast, but let me know when they can go 0-1000 miles in 14 hours.

Yep.  That's what I'm gonna want to do with one.  If it can't do that, it's not much good to me.


Don’t look now, but we’ve probably reached Peak Speed…..? Who are we’ve? You and that mouse in your pocket? Love the article, pictures and auto ! Until I can sit in a vehicle of my choice and email the entity to the road courses and strips of my choice, automotive technology has not reached peak speed YET… Stay Tuned and beam me up…