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Hagerty Employee

Don't believe the hype, car enthusiasm is safe with the next generation | Hagerty Media

It's 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are? Most likely, they're right upstairs, awake to the cool blue glow of a screen. They could be keeping up with an Instagram celebrity you've never heard of, or they might be texting with a friend about a text from another friend (multiple studies confirm kids prefer messaging to actual conversation).
New Driver

Update: Since the article from Hagerty was posted. I am finishing up my BBA in Automotive Marketing and moving to Traverse City, MI. Working in sales at the Al Serra organization (Audi). I am still making Youtube content, just posted a review on the Mach-E. Very Fun! Still in 2021 I love looking back at this article and smile. It changed my life forever, and I will never ever forget that!
Thank you to David, Larry, Cam, Joe, Julie, etc! The amazing team at Hagerty will always be so close to heart, and of love for driving. Cheers!