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Hagerty Employee

Does this insane four-rotor RX-7 stand a chance against Ken Block's Hoonicorn?

The Hoonicorn Mustang is an exercise in absurdity and, when paired with the driving skill of Ken Block, it's mind-bendingly quick. Just how quick? Block and his team remain tight-lipped about the Mustang's straight-line stats, but we know the Hoonicorn stomped a McLaren Senna, and the Brit turns a tidy 2.8-second 0–60 time and runs a 10-second quarter mile.


The Senna matchup was just one installment in a whole race series dedicated to matching up the "Mustang" with other wickedly fast machines. The results have been, honestly, a little underwhelming. The series has generally adopted a "Ken Block plays with his food" feel, but, when we saw the Hoonicorn's latest competitor, we felt a stirring of hope. This latest rival has potential ... on paper, at least.


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