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Does a Corvette's paint color affect what it's worth? | Hagerty Media

There's a Corvette out there for everyone. Many enthusiasts have their favorite model year, which incorporates the style, engine, and level of performance they like best. However, some combinations of those parts are more popular than others, and that affects the value. Some of these value differences are clear and unsurprising.
Pit Crew

Very cool perspective on Corvette colors. I do love my Comp yellow 95’ Vette.
New Driver

I really dig my '68 in yellow not because the color on it's own is so attractive, but that it has such a nostalgic 60s appeal. In reminiscing about Chevys from that era, I always imagine certain models in that color. Seems that now days all you see are shades of grey- so boring!!!

Same reason I love my Riverside Gold '69.

I've had many arguments with my friend and body guy about changing the color. We're pulling the body for a frame off/re-powering (LS7) /brake/suspension upgrade this year.

It's a period piece, and stands out when you drive it down the road. We're adding some additional glass and mica flake to the color, but it'll remain Riverside, with just a touch more pop in the sunlight...
New Driver

I have a 1971 Bridghampton Blue LT1 but the color is not listed here.
Hagerty Fan
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My '65 received it's current Lynndale Blue paint job just before I won (!) it 22 years ago, The contest promoter (a female) just loved that color and wanted it so. Originally a Rally Red car, it was painted (badly) some weird blue shade with wild silver metallic, when it was raced in the '70s.
I've entertained thoughts of stripping it back but am conflicted. as I get SO many compliments on the Lynndale plus I like it too, but original would be best financially although Corvette Red is so common, and I may be ready for something different like Carlisle Blue as that's always our favorite summer event!
New Driver

Depending on what generation, body style and options color can definitely have an influence on value.  There are colors that are a factory optional/premium in which there is a limited number of cars with that color/graphics.  There's also colors that are a premium and can cost a substantial amount when new.  This can increase can carry over to the value of when it enters the used car market.  Some colors are very popular and although they don't add an additional cost when new they can bump the value up later in the life of the car.  Certain colors jump out and others blend into the background.  Some are admired not only to the Corvette community but also the public in general.  Personally my 03 C5 convertible in millennium yellow with the optional tint base attracts attention everywhere I go.  People of all ages,  male and female alike approach me to ask me questions about the car and compliment the color.  Most are amazed when I tell them the age of the car.  I never intended to purchase a yellow anything yet when I saw this car I knew immediately I had to have it! 

So in my opinion color can affect the value and the popularity of it. Colors can sometimes add and occasionally take away the value.  My advice is to buy the one you have to have no matter what color it is.  

Life is short, enjoy your ride!



Color affects all vehicle.

With Corvettes color affects value but specific body styles and years can affect what colors way be in more demand. One C1 models are popular in some colors a C7 would be hurt with.
Intermediate Driver

No mention of Dark Rose Metallic. I get compliments all the time about the colour of my 1993 Coupe and the colour was brought back on 2017 C7.
Pit Crew

Go to an auction and bid on comparable black mid years vs white. This article is ridiculous.

Why is it ridiculous? I found it interesting, even if it is not necessarily 100% accurate.

Red first, some blues second, and gold third - that would be my choices for the first 4 generations, where available. Not a big fan of C5, C6, and definitely C7, but for C8, I would pick Rapid Blue (with colour-matched side air intake surrounds). Resale value differences be damned! ;<)

"All Corvettes are red. The rest are mistakes."
—John Heinricy

Growing up a Vette had to be red to be a true Vette, kinda like the Ferrari.
Pit Crew

Interesting that my '67 Goodwood Green convertible is a loser according to the experts. I wouldn't dream of having any other color on my special friend after having such a close relationship for 54 years! I firmly believe a Corvette being any other color is like having a Jaguar XK140 or150 anything other then a British dark green would be unthinkable. The Corvette is a sports car in the best tradition of the meaning of sport. A yellow or white Corvette does not help the tradition of driving a car that means 'sport'.

Those colors and many more for Corvette, with a few exceptions maybe, just allows the general public, sadly, to look-away to other sources to fill their inner need for a special car with a special color to match that desire to be a stand-out among ones peers. This does a great disservice to America's true sport car!

To me the best color depends on the model. Yet for some reason yellow is my least favorite color regardless of generation. I'm kind of ok with it on the C6 Z06 but I'd rather have any other color honestly. Big negative point for any car in black mainly because they always look dusty or the maintenance is continuous.

Advanced Driver

Surprised to see yellow score so highly as Accelerate Yellow certainly doesn't seem very popular on the C8.
New Driver

I had a 1970 green Vette with green interior. At the time I thought the color was Doneybrooke Green. Could I have ben wrong?
Intermediate Driver

Pit Crew

I think it would be interesting to divide up this data by generation (by year would probably be too granular). Colors that look great on C1s--turquoise or that orange-y red from the 55-7 era--may not look as keen on C5s, so there are probably different price effects depending on the year of the Corvette.

I'm curious - does color influence insurance premiums? How about 'special' attention from authorities? I'm wondering about Arrest Me Red here - or is that just urban legend.
Hagerty Employee

@RJ that is a great question! Color does not in fact affect insurance premiums. However there are some statistics that support the theory that certain colors get pulled over more than others. But the color that is most frequently ticketed is probably not the one you would think it is...white cars are hit with the most tickets while red comes in second!

New Driver

I owned a Datsun 240 Z back in 1973, my Brother and had it painted Corvette Yellow from the Common orange that was vey popular then . Oh how wish I would not have sold that car, I loved the color as well as many other items