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Disguise your modern engine swap with these "old-school" parts

Cosplay is a fascinating subculture of the American geek population. A surprising number of comic book fans, movie buffs, and sci-fi aficionados like nothing more than turning up at conventions on the weekend dressed as their favorite fictional heroes, with some going to fantastic lengths when assembling their picture-perfect costumes and accessories. What if I told you that the same option was now available for classic cars? 


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It all in the eye of the beholder...If you want the look but don't want the hassle of old tech and drive the car...then its worth it. If its going to sit on some display till you sell it  then whats the need to make it a "driver".  Most tech upgrades ruin the stock look anyways so don't pick and choose where you try to use it to your advantage. Suspension , wheels and tires, brakes and exhaust seem to be something to look at if its added for performance gains but you don't drive it to begin with. More often it becomes like a piece of art on wall...LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH...I hate the fact that not all of these upgrades will be noticed at all. We know its what the builder wanted and the buyer will have to deal with but it doesn't keep people talking about this issue...100 percent stock means just that...but where do you stop when it comes to 100 percent of the car when it was new...Any piece of rubber, fabric glass, fluids or even air in the tires...Then you can tag it 100 percent original!!!!

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