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Hagerty Employee

Discover the 1000-hp winner of the 2020 Hot Wheels Legends Tour

The third annual Hot Wheels Legends Tour wrapped up with a livestreamed event at Jay Leno’s garage. Host Jarod DeAnda joins Jay Leno and a panel of judges to see which real-life custom car, selected from an international search, will become the next Hot Wheels die-cast and cement its legacy among some of the coolest toy cars ever built.


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Pit Crew

amazing firebird, but that elky sure captures the hot wheels ethos 100%

Intermediate Driver

Agreed although a couple of elements I don't like on the ta, the elco screams hot wheels on real life.

I love Trans Ams so for me that was a good pick. The 1st gen Firebirds & Trans Ams have just been overlooked for way too long IMOPO. I passed up a chance to buy a 69 Trans Am clone many years ago & it looked perfect in every way for $20K. Have kick myself in the butt many times since then. Like so many other cars we pass on & then realize our first impressions were spot-on (like the 65 Vette 327-365 4-speed for $5K in Dayton, O).

Intermediate Driver

As a Pontiac aficionado and the owner of a numbers matching 1979 WS6 Pontiac Trans Am with a 400, 4 Speed and 4 Wheel Disc that I special ordered in October 1978 and now has about 450hp, I would like the T/A much better if it was Pontiac powered!!!!

What they actually made as a T/Z, a combination of a Trans Am and a Z28!!


I agree! You know, I always had the idea in the back of my mind to put the shoe on the other foot and build a 69 Camaro with some big, bad Pontiac power. Then I thought to myself, "Why waste a perfectly good engine on an ugly car?"

The Firebird just Screams HERB ADAMS!!!  Love it.  Would love to see it racing at the 24 hours of Daytona.  (For those not knowing who Herb Adams was, look him up.  He's an amazing guy; really a King in Pontiac Firebird Performance circles).

Pit Crew

I would much rather see a Butler engine in there than an LS engine.

Intermediate Driver

Perfect addition to the Hot Wheels line...


+ Its home built...

+ its for track use...


I hope it inspires many youngsters into the automotive field...


I've never seen the appeal of Hot Wheels cars. I prefer accurate 1:18 scale any day.

Intermediate Driver

I've read many comments on here saying the custom 59 El Camino just screams "Hot Wheels" I could not AGREE more with them! Seams to me, the judges missed the mark on this one. The Firebird is great, one of my all-time favorite street cars, but the Elky should have won a "Hot Wheels" competition hands down.

Pit Crew

Nice recognition for what was one of the most iconic cars of the 70s. These cars were almost the American version of of the Countach. Kind of racy, kind of over the top. Right up there with the Super Bird. Congrats to the builder and Hot Wheels!


Well, I'm not really into the cartoonish stuff, though it can be amusing. The TA, while the fabrication effort is pretty amazing, is aesthetically disappointing in its fender flares and some detail choices.

Pit Crew

It was kind-of dumb, What does 3 of the 7 have to do with cars ?

Intermediate Driver

Big fan of the 'Firebird'.


Trans Am is a nice car, but for this competition (especially it being the Hot Wheels Brand), you needed to go with one of the other cars, especially the El Camino.  Let's face it, when a kid looks on the shelf with both those cars sitting there, he's gonna go with the radical El Camino every time.  Too bad you didn't let some of your Hot Wheel fans vote (ultimate consumer research).  As for the judges, with the exception of the two Hot Wheels designers and Jay Leno, who are these other people?!?  Don't really see how they qualify to judge custom builds.