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Hagerty Employee

'Different horses for different courses' | Hagerty Media

I got the question again last week, not once, but twice: "What's your favorite car?" My stock answer used to be, "The next one," but as I have grown up − I mean, refined my taste − I now usually reply with the answer my friend Donald Osborne uses: "Different horses for different courses."
Pit Crew

The standard answer should be 'The events my friends are going to', however over the thirty plus years I've been going to events it has changed to 'Car events where we can learn new things from people we've never met before'.  Everyone has a passion for some type of car and we all have to be open to knowledge about other.  At first it was the Chevy guys giving Ford guys grief but we quickly realized that anytime we talk it just makes the bonds stronger in this passionate endeavor.  We all appreciate good mechanics and great body shops that can do the things we can't in our garages.