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Hagerty Employee

Dieter Klein travels the world in search of the perfect abandoned car photo

For a photographer who spends half his life traveling the world in search of abandoned cars, it should come as no surprise that one of the favorite photographs captured by Dieter Klein was in nowheresville.


“It was the last corner of America, really in the middle of nowhere, six miles to Canada, 20 miles to North Dakota, in a town with six houses. There is nothing; nobody who cares about anything. So it meant that the abandoned car could be left and would remain forever untouched by anybody.”


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New Driver

What a wonderful aesthetic. I too have pondered derelicts, be they old cars, old buildings, old aircraft...left to molder in an almost state of grace, in my travels thru my home states of Alaska and now Arizona. There is many secret, off the grid places in America where you can pause for a moment and wonder 'what is the story behind this place, this thing'. Beautiful.

Pit Crew

Great pics!  We found this in Belize - not so much abandoned, more like repurposed.IMG_2448.JPG

Intermediate Driver

There's something really neat about a car with great patina running/ driving/ being used.  Kind of sad to see them rotting to the ground, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 

Pit Crew

They are great photos, but from a photographer's standpoint, I wish he would back off on the color filters about 10%.  It helps to improve the striking feeling invoked, but some of the photos are bordering on being photochops because of the amount of color modification.


Great shots, love his work, especially his eye for framing the shots. Can't help but wonder if one of those is part of the Belgian "forest of parked cars" left behind by GI's who bought them during occupation and had to leave them behind when shipping back to the US?

Intermediate Driver

That cover shot is fabulous, and its story just adds. The Ford panel van with the trailer is also amazing in the midst of that western landscape.  I took this photograph in 2011. I've taken  a lot of this Mustang, both in winter and summer, and it's still in this spot. 


Intermediate Driver

when the authorities "clean up", all they do is destroy history and opportunities. most "derelict" vehicles are still able to provide parts for other restorations. some, like that mopar on the cover, are a candidate for a full restoration. i live in unorganized township. we have no rules, and the last attempt to "organize" a municipality was met, according the news accounts, "by 200 angry shouting residents" at a meeting arranged by the government. thank God for small mercies.


Found this one outside Lexington, Kentucky. The weeds were high, but Mother Nature allowed the 442 badge to be visible to show some respect.

New Driver

Thanks for sharing so much of his work.  Great artist eye.