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Dieter Klein travels the world in search of the perfect abandoned car photo

For a photographer who spends half his life traveling the world in search of abandoned cars, it should come as no surprise that one of the favorite photographs captured by Dieter Klein was in nowheresville.


“It was the last corner of America, really in the middle of nowhere, six miles to Canada, 20 miles to North Dakota, in a town with six houses. There is nothing; nobody who cares about anything. So it meant that the abandoned car could be left and would remain forever untouched by anybody.”


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Replies (34)

Replies (34)

So sorry to see all that old iron abandoned in such bad shape.

Pit Crew

Beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful images, Dieter!


New Driver

Owned a Baby Blue 60 Dodge with that wonderful slant 6 back in the day. One of the best cars I ever owned. Seeing this picture makes we remember and almost want to go out and rescue her but is has more beauty allowing her to sleep. 

New Driver

Found this one outside Lexington, Kentucky. The weeds were high, but Mother Nature allowed the 442 badge to be visible to show some respect.