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Dieter Klein travels the world in search of the perfect abandoned car photo

For a photographer who spends half his life traveling the world in search of abandoned cars, it should come as no surprise that one of the favorite photographs captured by Dieter Klein was in nowheresville.


“It was the last corner of America, really in the middle of nowhere, six miles to Canada, 20 miles to North Dakota, in a town with six houses. There is nothing; nobody who cares about anything. So it meant that the abandoned car could be left and would remain forever untouched by anybody.”


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A couple of notes. Michael's Porsche is not from 1950, it's a 356B about a decade newer. Also, his compositions are terrific, but they are most certainly post-processed, either in camera or after. That is evident by the heavy HDR effect which is the result of combining multiple exposures to achieve the lighting and contrast effect. This isn't a criticism, rather explanation as a good HDR photo is not easy to create.

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