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Hagerty Employee

Dieter Klein travels the world in search of the perfect abandoned car photo

For a photographer who spends half his life traveling the world in search of abandoned cars, it should come as no surprise that one of the favorite photographs captured by Dieter Klein was in nowheresville.


“It was the last corner of America, really in the middle of nowhere, six miles to Canada, 20 miles to North Dakota, in a town with six houses. There is nothing; nobody who cares about anything. So it meant that the abandoned car could be left and would remain forever untouched by anybody.”


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Looked up Phase One cameras. Base model $51,990. Seriously. There must be a lot of money in commercial photography.


Anyone notice the airplane- nose buried-behind the house trailer?


It's beautiful work and very well done. Thank you for this. I'll buy the book when I can.

Pit Crew

I’m intrigued by autos that have been not necessarily abandoned, but stored forever, I live in NY, and in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, on the side of a woman’s house is a 66 GTO, been there since the 70s, under a partial tarp, yellow 4 speed car, hasn’t been registered since the early 70s, and I’ve left letters but to no avail, rumors abound it was her sons car, never returned from Vietnam Nam, car is so far gone now, it’s a shame, I guess when she goes, it will go too, 

New Driver

The not retouched line in the article should be removed. I guess if the manipulation is all done in the camera, then it's the camera that has poor fidelity, but the images clearly have too much saturation.
Intermediate Driver

We have several similar places here in Southern New Jersey. One is chock full of old Corvettes (which, of course, the uninformed will think are worth a ton of money!). That's not a slight, just an inside reality that most of the long time car guys will definitely get.

I find it so interesting but am really not inclined to stop in and ask....why? I am certainly bold enough but just want to leave the pile of dreams sitting there behind the fence.

I really liked the "abandoned" pictures like that "not so old" Grand Prix. The hood has been removed so that is a clue. But I, possibly like the photographer, don't really want to disturb the cars. I do want to know the "why" but sometimes the right thing to do is just counter-intuitive, right? 

A very cool look at something most of us would have never, ever seen! Thanks

New Driver

Great pictures but the enhancing he does in his computer is really heavy handed.  Makes the images look more like drawings and water colors.  I would prefer something more accurately and tastefully represented. 

New Driver

Why did Mustangs have to get so big?  Why did VW get fancy with the Beetle?  We loved the diesel Rabbit's.  They would go forever and feel good with the sunroof back.  The hell with the smoke.  Porsche had to get big and clumsy too.  Who the hell wants to put the key into the left side of the steering wheel and drive a car that does not even have an oil dip stick?  New cars suck.  Their colors suck and I don't want my windshield wiper controls on a stupid stick.  I want them on the dash.  I want a dimmer switch on the floor.  I have two feet.  I want the high beam indicator be RED.  Not "comfortable" blue.  I hope I see improvements before I die.  And electric cars.  Been around 150 years now.  They still suck.  And catch on fire.

Intermediate Driver

cool and depressing at the same time...

New Driver

The "1950" Porsche is a 1960 to 1965 356.