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Diecast racing in 1/64 scale is a plastic, fantastic thrill | Hagerty Media

Perhaps you did not hear about the "incident" at a very small California track. Of course, that might be because the track is so small it's cannot be found on any map.
Intermediate Driver

His channel is not just technically great but hilarious, thanks for bringing my attention to it.

I have been a fan for the last year. This is better than NASCAR and actually more pure racing vs stages and Chases. 

I even gave one of their Champion Fiero T Shirts. 


About the start of the race, the article says, "Cars are released at the start line . . . ."
How does he do that?
New Driver

If I recall correctly, he uses magnetic gates with a remote trigger.
There are some behind-the-scenes videos he's posted.

Only in America

I'd like to know how he gets what look like drone shots. And the photographer should've known not to be anywhere near the outside of any turn.
Advanced Driver

The gravity car concept solves my biggest complaint about today's slot cars - they are just too unrealistically fast and "glued to the track." Decades ago, when slot cars were invented, they traveled at a more-or-less realistic speed, whereas today's slot cars are traveling at a scale 1,000 mph or so. With the car now held on the track by magnets, the driver hardly ever has to take his thumb off the controller switch. This gravity car idea yields much more realistic action (even though the camera speed has to be cut in half to get there).
Intermediate Driver

I bought a Drag Track, drag set, from Summit Racing in 2014. It is a blast. I enjoyed it so much I went to purchase another one last year and they don't make them anymore. Found a complete set on Ebay last year and purchased it. Now I have 2 and can make launching ramp and the straight away longer. I must say it's passes time fast on a cold winter afternoon.

His set-up is thee elite though. 🚗👍
Intermediate Driver

These showed up on my YouTube feed a year ago and I've been a fan ever since. Great fun and the really funny thing (after reading the article) is that I watch them at 2x's speed which kinda negates the halving of the action he does.

The races are hilarious and the racer names are too. It's a great channel.
Advanced Driver

Bravo Adriel. Great article.