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Did GM steal the innovation that made the LT1 possible? The decade-long legal battle.

Chevrolet’s LT1 V-8 was a major step forward for General Motors. From 1992 to 1997, the LT1 helped pull GM out of the Malaise Era, updating the nearly half-century-old small-block engine for modern use. The General dubbed this V-8 the second-generation small-block, but in reality, the engine shared a great deal with the original Chevrolet “mouse motor” introduced in 1955. The $100-million revamp was the pinnacle of old-school Chevy engineering, a host of simple solutions and tiny improvements executed in pursuit of power and efficiency.


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Judges and lawyers will screw you every time!  GM robbed this man of hundreds of millions and the judge let it happen.  Evans made a mistake of trust.  SAD!

New Driver