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Hagerty Employee

Did a reimagined Porsche 911 built in Canada become the Boxster? | Hagerty Media

A lithe young woman with big, teased hair leans against the driver's door of a white Porsche, flashing her beguiling smile at a seemingly older and clearly enthusiastic man at the wheel. It's not an ad for male "assistance."
Intermediate Driver

I would take a Spexter before a Boxter all day, every day. A really good looking car.
New Driver

Interesting concept for that era. It seems a stretch to tie it to the Boxster. While the Boxster is certainly no looker, that concept is just plain hideous.
Pit Crew

I agree.
New Driver

The front of the concept looks fabulous, but the rear is absolutely hideous. It's a giant blob.
New Driver

People did buy PT Cruisers and even some Azteks....

Yeah it's a pretty ugly bar of soap with a Porsche like front end to me. It's like the 959 slightly on the front on a 968 or 928 body that melted in the sun.
Intermediate Driver

The rear 3/4 view does this car no favors, and I have to agree; there's little apparent inspiration from it applied to the Boxster.
While the production 986 Boxster wasn't exactly a design home run, the Boxster Concept Car was a much more handsome and muscular solution that, unfortunately, failed to make it to production.
Fortunately, time heals all wounds/mistakes and to my eye Porsche got it right with the 981/982.
New Driver

The Kwok's built some very interesting Porsche based concept cars back in the 80s and 90s... They had a 928 based build that Hugh ran at Mt. Tremblant race track back in the day. Very fast and funky looking car!