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Hagerty Employee

Dick King roadster: Lost, found, restored, and still in show-winning shape | Hagerty Media

We met Vince Weatherby at his San Diego County property, where many of his vehicular projects are housed. There's a '68 Firebird in a garage along with most of what looks like an MG T-type, but the bulk of his collection is older and decidedly less curvy.
Advanced Driver

Lovely. I like it better than the Neikamp.
Intermediate Driver

The car hobby is filled with stories like this. It is very fortunate that there are guys who will search out some of these old relics, and bring them back out into the daylight.
Pit Crew

They say beauty is in the eye the beholder. But I think that front grill is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!
Pit Crew

Maybe it is because with those head lights and bumper, it looks like a VW bug.
Intermediate Driver

What!?! I've owned 4 VW's starting with a 1953 back split window. Nothing on this beautiful piece of machinery looks like anything close to a VW bug! No VW "bug" that I ever owned had a bumper like that and the headlights were set in the fenders. Maybe you meant a VW dune buggy but then again, a lot of people on here don't know what they're talking about.
New Driver

One of the most beautiful roadsters ever. Thank you!

The last time I looked, the Chevy G-506 had two axles... Great story, otherwise! I really admire custodians of famous cars. A local resident here once owned Limefire, and we invited him to bring it to one of our annual car shows. He vociferously declined, stating that he "...bought the effing thing to drive, not look at!"
Advanced Driver

So he should have drove it to the show and not trailered. May as well let others have the opportunity to see it!
Intermediate Driver

Very Nice!

I have been lucky to know of and find a few rare cars that no one else knows about. There are a lot of them out there if you just get a little nosey.

The problem is they are usually never for sale and if they do it take years of waiting for them to be available. Then my problem is I don't have the money to pull it off. But I have passed on the info and have helped others.

The thing I am good at is finding Pontiac parts. I found a full Tri Power setup and the guy just wanted $100 for it. It was in good working order all the way to the Air Cleaners. Then speaking of air cleaners. I met a guy who had tri power air cleaners in the back seal of a Catalina Covetable. I asked if he had one on the car and he said no. He then ask do you want them? I asked how much and he take em.
Finally I had a buddy give me a Fiero Emblem from a 1990 Fiero. Now you may be saying they never made a Fiero in 1990. This is true but they did make emblems for the prototypes. He gave me one he got from the company that was making them for GM. I contacted them for documentation on them and the woman there said she did not have much but she had about 10 emblems there. She sent me them over night for free.

Life is all about looking and asking. You will hit a lot of dead ends but when they pay off it feels good.

I love these barn finds and how cars are brought back from obscurity. It is a tribute to the builders. This one is one of the better cars of the era. Most were never this nice even new.
Intermediate Driver

Its as a cool idea to copy the old school sprint car design back in the day because I have seen that front grill on several rods in the past since it was a popular front end to use for the day . Go carts and quarter midgets used it also. Nice to see it's still around and running a flathead.
Intermediate Driver

Tribute to this fellow spending the big dollars to get this done BRAVO.
Advanced Driver

Track-T looks fabulous. I would hate to drive it with that pedal location though. Normally, you are driving with your knees under your chin anyway. Look where the pads are on the pedals (!)

Interesting take on the rear spring and shocks.

Lovely car, is the nose still fiberglass? Has a good profile and better 3/4 view than others.
They do make an alternator that fits inside what appears to be a stock Ford generator now.
BTW, it is LINCOLN Zephyr gears, NOT Mercury.
Surprised there aren't more period photos with all of the Drake-type books out there...
Hagerty Employee

Yes, thanks for pointing that out, total autopilot move on my part. As for the nose, it is once again aluminum.

Bravo Bravo Bravo especially for the time correct engine! a real Juwel
Intermediate Driver

Beautiful car. I wonder if the nose is metal as originally, or fiberglass?
Advanced Driver

The article said the nose was back to aluminum.

Chagrined then relieved that they ditched the SB Chevy for a Flathead Ford V8. Love the louvers.
Advanced Driver

That car had "Stance" before the term was invented.

I remember it from old issues of HRM. It always struck me as the type of Hot Rod I'd build.

- Jim
Advanced Driver

I disagree about the generator. Properly set up it would be fine in a car that has little more than a starter. I had no issues running one for 14 years in a 63 Rambler American that was a daily driver. Well, maybe an issue once. I was driving cross country pulling a utility trailer across the Rockies through a snow storm, moving from Idaho to South Carolina (USAF). It was very cold and I was running the car lights and trailer lights all the way. Finally found a place to stop for the night somewhere in the mountains short of Cheyenne, WY. That morning it was 9 degrees and the car refused to turn over fast enough to start, had to get a jump. Now was it the generator running the extra lights (and heater fan!) for 5-6 hours straight, or just the cold??? I'd pulled the trailer many times, maybe once for as long, but not over night, so no headlights (the biggest power draw). I'd had the car three years when this happened. Never had an issue after. The only additional power was the radio, a 88 or so cheap head unit/cassette player. It drew a lot less power than the old original tube AM radio though!

You can get an alternator that looks like a generator from classic Jag shops like Moss Motors, if that really bothers you. I would just stop dickking with it, if it were mine.

New Driver

I know this car well… My uncle Don is the one that did the final paint many years ago and Billy Oliver was a neighbor that lived up the street that had the hot rod shop that did lots of work on it in the early 80s. Barry Williams was one of my dads best friends. Many great memories with this car.
Pit Crew

Beautiful car!
Pit Crew

I grew up in Vallejo and 73 'Old'-now, I don'r remember this Hod Rod there, but being a huge carguy all my life I really enjoyed readin about it's history. I went to the Oakland Roadster Show many times before it moved, so I could have seen it there and didn't realize how Cool then from where it came and to read about it now is Cool. Thanks