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Hagerty Employee

Diagnostic Report: My Saab 9000 Aero has some needs, but it ain't so bad | Hagerty Media

In the first installment of my low-buck Swedish hot-rod project, I outlined the chase, the purchase, and the deposit of the Aero at my friendly Saab specialist for an in-depth examination. So, how are things going? In my fantasy scenario, the good folks at Sports Car Service walk slowly around the car, clipboards in hand, looking unsuccessfully for mechanical defects to note for repair.
Pit Crew

Is that Sonett for sale?
New Driver

Consider my heart warmed. This is one fortunate Saab! Definitely agree with the author about that interior--it will be glorious with the proper radio.
Pit Crew

I enjoyed the initial article last month on this car. As I commented at that time, I do have an original 1993 Saab 9000 Aero radio and cd player that I removed from my former Saab some years ago before it was recycled due to rust. Let me know if interested.
Pit Crew

Oh, this makes me want to keep my '97 Aero and restore it. But SWMBO wants it gone, along with the '03 9-5 Aero I'm still driving. She's complained about the space they take up in the driveway...

I'd enjoy hearing about chasing the driverless car down the hill - and have a few of those of my own to exchange.
Intermediate Driver

I had a 900 Turbo for 9 years, and being from 1990, it had some parts in common with the 9000. It is not a simple car to maintain, but some parts are incredible cheap. Saabs are good cars and deserve being well treated all the time.
Bentley maintenance manual is mandatory daily reading.
Good luck with the 9000 and keep us updated on it, very nice car!

Great to hear you have a close by, reputable, specialist shop to help you sort out your "new" car.

You mentioned "CD" in your description of the audio system, but I don't see a slot on the head unit for a disc. Does it have a remote-mounted CD changer?