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Detroit community leaders say no to Woodward Dream Cruise events

Michael Lary held out hope, but the community events surrounding the 2020 Woodward Dream Cruise will not be held as planned. The Cruise itself? That’s another matter entirely.


“Is the Woodward Dream Cruise canceled?” the Dream Cruise board president asked, repeating the question. “We plan events around the Cruise, not the other way around. So if people want to cruise, they’ll cruise—and I’m sure they will. But the community events surrounding the Cruise, those are canceled.”


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It's probably cancelled for just one year. Nobody wants to go more than me but let's not. If we show up in droves with our cars, crowds of spectators will follow, people will die and progress will be pushed further back meaning no cruise next year or perhaps ever again. Let's show the world how responsible cruisers are. Wait for a vaccine. See you next year.

Pit Crew