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Detroit auto show moves to September and October starting in 2021

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), also known as the Detroit auto show, has been an industry staple for more than 100 years. Held in the heart of Detroit, the show is in GM, Ford, and Chrysler’s backyard, guaranteeing a big turnout from the local automakers as well as their biggest competitors.


The show has been a perennial powerhouse as far as American auto shows go, always bringing big vehicle debuts. However, it has traditionally run from mid-to-late January each year. That winter schedule has made it more difficult to attend for out-of-town visitors and media due to the snowy weather. The 2020 show was planned to be the first to move to its new dates in June, but COVID-19 put an end to that. Now NAIAS executives have decided that the next Detroit show will be delayed until fall of 2021, and going forward it will remain a fall event.

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