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Hagerty Employee

Design Driven: Is the Shelby Cobra Daytona ugly? | Hagerty Media

Carroll Shelby asked, "'Is it going to work?' and I said I think so." Then Peter Brock shared the sketches with his coworkers. "It was so ugly, they thought, that they didn't want to have any part of it." Can you imagine an icon like the Shelby Cobra Daytona being shunned by Shelby's staff?
Intermediate Driver

The Daytona worked because while the roadster was a knockout visually (at least to me) it was also limited to about 140 maybe 150 mph. The 289 was good for, at best 385-390 reliable horsepower. Shelby had to build sleeker to go a lot faster. They didn’t have a lot of time so we’re left with a slightly unrefined shape that got the job done.