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Hagerty Employee

DeLorean to realize John Z.'s sedan dream, eight-seat Defender, 85K reservations for Silverado EV work trucks

Intake: We finally met the new DeLorean model yesterday, and more new introductions are already on the books for later this year. The reborn company headed by newly minted (as in six months ago) Joost de Vries, formerly of Karma, revealed its Alpha9 EV yesterday and announced three models to follow: a V-8 sports coupe, a battery-electric sedan, and a hydrogen-powered SUV.

I have X dollars to invest... I think it is better under a mattress than backing DeLorean 2.0.

I wish them luck, don't get me wrong.

DeLorean? The nostalgia is name deep only. The only thing interesting to me is the hydrogen powered SUV to me. I would like to see hydrogen get a foothold in the electric world. No batteries for me.

Agree on the Hydrogen, can be locally controlled.


Not sure why a city (i.e., Toronto, Chicago) hasn't partnered with Toyota to roll out the Mirai in some big fleets by getting the infrastructure built first. Taxis and cop cars in these cities alone would be a great test bed.


Anyone else get an '80s Audi vibe from the rear view of that Giugiaro concept?
Pit Crew

Rationalizing the use of Ethanol requires just as much suspension of reality as is required to believe in the transition to Electric vehicles. Math and logistics make both unrealistic.

In regards to Ethanol, from Cornell's Ag Dept:

*Adding up the energy costs of corn production and its conversion to ethanol, 131,000 Btu are needed to make 1 gallon of ethanol. One gallon of ethanol has an energy value of only 77,000 Btu. "Put another way," Pimentel said, "about 70 percent more energy is required to produce ethanol than the energy that actually is in ethanol. Every time you make 1 gallon of ethanol, there is a net energy loss of 54,000 Btu."

* Ethanol from corn costs about $1.74 per gallon to produce, compared with about 95 cents to produce a gallon of gasoline. "That helps explain why fossil fuels -- not ethanol -- are used to produce ethanol," Pimentel said. "The growers and processors can't afford to burn ethanol to make ethanol. U.S. drivers couldn't afford it either, if it weren't for government subsidies to artificially lower the price."

Thank you for explaining the joke.

That's also why ethanol is viable in Brazil -- it's cheaper and easier to make from sugar cane. Why corn in the US? It's already a major crop (as is sugar cane in Brazil) and there is usually a surplus. Ethanol also works better in the warmer climate of Brazil -- no cold starting issues. Crops like sugar beats would be more efficiently converted to ethanol, but there is more effort required to harvest, negating any savings in production.
Intermediate Driver

What's going on in the back of that Delorean sedan sketch? Was that from the Eyes Wide Shut storyboard?
Intermediate Driver

With all of the rolling blackouts that we are all being warned about, just how are you going to charge up all of these electric vehicles????