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Hagerty Employee

Deep-cleaning your interior is a prime winter project

The winter months can be a time of great annoyance for us car lovers. We tuck our cars and trucks away to protect them from the weather and road salt, only to sit around for months twiddling our collective thumbs, wishing we were out on the roads. Still, winter can be embraced with a little preparation—and not simply the putting-your-vehicle-into-storage part. Getting your interior spick-and-span is a great project you can accomplish with your classic safely stowed in the garage away from the elements.


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" car lovers"?  Ow.  Try "we car lovers".

Intermediate Driver

I've tried it. It doesn't work.

Try removing the phrase "car lovers" and see if it sounds right to you. "Winter is an annoyance for we." Double ow!

If the car lovers were the subject of the sentence, "we" would have been correct. ("We car lovers find winter annoying.")

But since "we car lovers" are the object of the preposition "for", that makes "us" the correct form.

And before you jump on me for being a grammar snob... this was as much for me to get it straight it my own head.