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Hagerty Employee

Deciphering a 1937 Ford race car's front suspension | Redline Update #84 | Hagerty Media

Any automotive project is a giant puzzle in some way, shape, or form. The 1937 Ford race car Davin is getting back into usable shape is an expert-level puzzle, but luckily there are some hints as to how the pieces were intended to go back together-but is that the correct way?
New Driver

Being a Drag racer, and dabbling in circuit racers, it took me a moment to think why the shocks were mounted upside down. It's all about sprung, versus unsprung  weight on the front and rear of the vehicle. If you don't understand check it out!  Davin is a great thinker, and getting things corrected for better performance, while utilizing the classic pieces.

New Driver

You need a flex "shackel on one end of the springs, else it will be ridgid. Thanks Ralph
Pit Crew

Amazing and patient work. To me it will easier to have McPherson suspension... I dependent, easy to adjust.,etc. Ok, not original as in 1937 but many other parts are not OEM so,...
Pit Crew

Sorry:... It will be.... independent