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Decades before Janet Guthrie and IndyCar, Maria Teresa de Filippis braved the trials of F1 | Hagerty Media

Before Janet Guthrie, Lyn St. James, and Danica Patrick, there was Maria Teresa de Filippis. Few Americans know of de Filippis because, unlike the other female drivers listed above, she didn't race in the Indianapolis 500. She did them one better.

Another great slice of history. I wasn't aware of this woman, either.
Pit Crew

Thanks for the article. I, Iike most, had no idea of her or her accomplishments.
New Driver

Desire’ Wilson. She won an F1 race. I met her at a kart track in Colorado as she was shaking down a 125 shifter. We talked a bit about tuning a kart and she let me drive it. Wonderful person. Very accomplished driver as well. Open wheel, sports cars, touring car

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I wasn’t aware of her either. Strange; you would think F1 coverage would highlight this (along with those of the other women who have competed in the series)— especially considering the times we live in.

It bothers me a little to have Guthrie thrown in with St. James and Patrick, a generation later. Denise McCluggage, maybe. Kay DeFries and Helle Nice certainly deserve some mention, as they drove the old formulas before this modern F1 thingy -- not to mention Miss Tilly Schilling MScME (and her orifice), lifelong Norton campaigner and 'carburetter' engineer. There were scores of female drivers by the 1920's, both sides of the Atlantic. The one you have chosen is certainly significant, but I hate to see those other gals ignored. They were hotter than a firecracker.
Advanced Driver

Sarah Fisher. I met her in the pits at Phoenix.
Intermediate Driver

I learn something every day...great article! Had the pleasure of meeting Lyn St.James at Indy during an SVRA race a couple years ago. After a day of racing our ’74 Alfa GTV, she invited us to go race go-carts near the track. We had a terrific time. She’s a great ambassador for racing!