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Hagerty Employee

Dealer’s Choice: The used-car-sales board game you’ve been missing

If you’re going to play a board game, why not one that pits used-car dealers against each other?


Even as some states have started to allow business to re-open in some fashion, life in the current condition of relative social isolation is boring. Boring enough that some people have resorted to board games. As a car geek, you may have noticed that precious few have an automotive theme. I know of only one, and it’s a game I remembered from my youth: Dealer’s Choice.


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Pit Crew

Wow, never knew it even existed.   Cool game.

Intermediate Driver

I don't want to sound naive but I will anyway by asking a question with an apparently obvious answer, at least to the author: How does one cheat at Monopoly without getting caught? Grab money or houses and hotels when your opponent goes to the bathroom? Inquiring minds want to know.

Community Manager

Grab money.  At any time you can.  


If you get good enough at that, you could be President.

Intermediate Driver

Tried to find our family's original set a few year's ago without any luck. My sister found one at a garage sale for $1.00, but it turned out the "car cards" were missing.  Since I knew the game well enough, I made a set of cards from car photos from the web for cars that were owned by my family over the years and those of extended family (quite an odd bunch including a 442, Riviera, Opel wagon, 67 Imperial, 48 Pontiac, a group of Chevrolets, VW, etc,).  The trick to this is to look carefully at the "Bluebook" comments and make sure they match up to the cars. When played with family that knows the history of the cars in the cards, it is probably more fun.  About a year later, my mom pulls out our original game and asked me if this is the one I was looking for?  Now we have two sets...


Card 8 appears to be an early M48 Patton, not a Sherman.  Don't want the kids out there to be misled.

Pit Crew

I agree that there are few board game out there with an automotive theme. I have a game called "Vintage Wheels - Automotive History Quiz Game" from 1984. There is one on eBay at the moment. The board has Detroit Michigan on one side and Windsor Ontario on the other side separated by the Detroit river. You start at the Ambassador Bridge on the Canadian side and travel through Windsor to the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel where you cross and travel through Detroit and finish back at the Ambassador Bridge. You move by answering automotive trivia questions. It reminds me of Trivial Pursuit as the box is the same size, the board folds the same and the questions come in boxes just like Trivial Pursuit, just no pies to complete with the little triangle pieces. With your automotive knowledge, you may be able to win at this game.

Intermediate Driver

I still have mine from my first marriage. Although my present wife won't play it

On another topic, King Oil,


Intermediate Driver

My older brother cheated at Risk and probably at Monopoly, but being 9 years younger I never caught him. The time I finally questioned the number of dice we were rolling in Risk was the last time we played.  (I must have been right.)

He had Dealer's Choice but my only memory of it is looking at the box. I wonder if he knew there was little opportunity to guarantee a win?

Another "car themed" game: Mille Bornes. It's a draw-a-card game of driving cross-country.  Draw an out-of-gas card, play a spare tire card, and collect miles until you reach 1000.  It seemed so much fun as a kid but what an impossibly endless bore as an adult (at least as an adult who finally read the directions). It seems to be designed for those "game nights" when your parents really wanted to get together with the neighbors and chat rather than concentrate on playing a game.  Definitely not a game for two people who have already been locked in a house together for three months.  

Community Manager

Millie Bornes was definitely more of a casual and easy to play game.  Helped me learn math (well addition and subtraction, at least) but it was still fun to play as a young adult...with the right group I guess. 


Got mine new in 72. Still have it. Haven’t played it in years.

Pit Crew

Prior to this article about one of these games a day sold on eBay, on the 23rd (the day this article was released) eBay sold 26 of them. Obviously we’re reading your articles. Thanks for the story. 

Community Manager

Now that is impressive, and good to hear on our end!  Thanks for sharing that bit of information!  

Pit Crew

I have a board game based on the Cannonball Run movies. Cool board, but the game sucks.