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Davin works on our Buick Straight 8 at home | Redline Updates

Davin is still working from home, but that doesn't prevent him from making progress on the 1951 Buick straight-eight. This latest Redline Update comes from Davin alone, with his only help standing behind the camera (his son Anders must have found something else to do). The straight-eight is still back at the shop, but the fuel pump and oil pump both need rebuilding and are perfect take-home projects.


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Davin's home shop is bigger, cleaner and better equipped than some working shops I've worked in.


I love Davin's use of old towels (or new).  I find them perfect for working at the bench.  A used towel never goes into the trash!

You even can find them at thrift stores--nice ones, for the cheap.  They buffer the more fragile parts and they soak all sort of grease and oil.  jay


Regarding the fuel pump diaphragm--can't you actuate the lever to add tension to the diaphragm so that it will not flip around but will sit nicely on the pump housing during final assembly?  Working with vintage Volkswagen fuel pumps, we find that it is necessary to bolt the fuel pump to a jig which presses the lever enough so that the diaphragm tension is pre-set.  Thus, two things are accomplished at once--tension is pre-set with the diaphragm sitting flat in its spot--and all screws go in without any jiggling.