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Hagerty Employee

Dave Smith’s 1961 Sedan de Ville was the color of money

It’s hard to believe now, but when the 1961 Cadillacs first appeared in autumn 1960, they were considered a bit… subdued. Well, for the appropriate context you can consider the all-time wild and crazy 1959 model, the year GM took Cadillac and cranked it up to 11. Wild, crazy, luxurious, huge, heavily chromed and all-American. With fins you could see from space.


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The 1961 DeVille landed in upstate NY and is turning heads after it’s winter storage. It has been detailed from “stem-to-stern”, it will remain a survivor and is living a pampered life as it should!

Intermediate Driver

In 1980 I found a 61 6 window sedan like the one in this article parked 4 Sale on the local K-Mart parking lot. Several phone calls to seller resulted in no answer. Over the weeks the price fell from $600 to $400. I decided it was time to get a hold of the seller anyway I could. One lucky day he answered the phone and the story behind the car was strange. He worked at the local Lincoln dealer. The Caddy was a trade-in he purchased. There were no whell covers on the car but the tires were near new radial white walls. In the glove box were the keys AND the title. (CA) I started the car and it ran horribly. In the trunk were the four original hub caps. I offered $300 an drove it away. I cleaned the sparkplugs, fitted the wheel covers and found the vacuum line to the transmission control unit was not connected. A thorough cleaning and some spot lacquer to the side panels and I had a very nice car. I drove it for two years and traded it for a 58 Chevy step side pickup owned by the Cadillac dealer's son. Only drawback was no A/C in So Cal. Would definitely buy another one.