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Hagerty Employee

Dallas to L.A. in a Dodge A100 that we had to rebuild first | Hagerty Media

If you've been following along with our stories, you may remember Jeff Milburn, a stunt driver we interviewed who was in the epic film Ford v Ferrari . Jeff, knowing I'm a van guy, called me up one day and said he had a problem.

Great job!

Bitchin'! Why didn't you call me, too?
Pit Crew

Love it! Sketchy road trips are the best! Glad you made it AND had fun !!
Intermediate Driver

Great story. You both had guts. Enjoyed the read and envious.
Intermediate Driver

Durn if that aint' the rootin' tootin'est goldurn articlee I done ever read in thischeer Hagerty thang. But sombody needs to tll ole' Matt there that he don't got to write like Jethro Clampett talks. He can write reglar, an' we'll still git it.

I bought a 1964 Dodge truck from a friend in college for $40.
The truck was a huge 4 door 3/4 ton 4 speed 383 monster which had been sitting with a dead flat battery, and an unknown quantity of gas of an uncertain age on the street which thankfully was on a hill pointed down to the “no man’s land no parking zone” further down the hill.
Obviously the starter wouldn’t turn and the excitement of my first vehicle precluded and my youthful exuberance precluded the wiser course which would have been to wait for a friend with jumper cables.
Down the road Ajax and I rolled, I could hear the compression as I let out the clutch, through the gates of no return but still no fire. Another 30 yards then I heard a faint pop, then all of a sudden the mighty beast roared to life, I blew through the parking lot then drove the 20 miles to my parents house. The poor old truck had a broken rocker shaft but (with sage advice from Dad) we soon remedied that problem and she ran pretty well.
The moral of the story is of course old Dodge’s particularly old 6 cylinder Dodges just don’t know how not to run!!
New Driver

This trip somewhat reminds me of a trip I did back in the summer of '71 in a '63 Econoline van. Before going, my dad and I put some new parts on it, tuned it up, 2 new tires and an Earl Shieb paint job for $79!! It was a great trip and tons of fun getting it "road ready".

Ronald Reagan doesn't deserve to be associated with the 55 mph national speed limit. It was enacted several years before he was elected and he worked to repeal the onerous law, ultimately signing the Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act that allowed 65 mph speed limits on rural highways. As for compliance with the law during the '80s, everyone knew how to get around it by then. There was a whole industry committed to thwarting this particular progressive affront to freedom.
Advanced Driver

Really enjoyed this article! I had/still have my '69 A-100 Sportsman window van. I bought it w/ a 225 slant six, but the intention was always to convert it to a V-8. Initially, I put a 318 in it, but I later fulfilled my dream and replaced it with a 340 c.i. engine. I also added a transmission cooler and a custom three row radiator. Needless to say, it was quite the 'sleeper', surprising many who thought it was /6 powered, LOL! I made some long trips in it, but none to the extent of this one! I 'd like to get it restored and back on the road. 🙂

lub mea split window. Nother article? this one on the wrenchin end? I saw noneadat here...