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Hagerty Employee

CVT? 200 hp? The 2023 Acura Integra is breaking our hearts

It seems like forever ago that Acura set car enthusiasts abuzz with a carefully orchestrated drone show at 2021's Monterey Car Week. Following a myriad of teasers, a few hard details, and a promising concept reveal, we now have our first real glimpse at Acura's revived front-drive nameplate.

Acura option packages always suck. They group items together for no rhyme or reason, then charge way too much for the step up. To de-content the non A-Spec cars is not what a supposedly premium brand should be doing. Acura has set themselves up for failure purely by their equipment and option choices, which is a shame because it's a nice looking car.
The question Acura needs to ask: Do we want to produce desirable cars that sell in large numbers, or be a niche brand forever?
Advanced Driver

I don’t think anyone can realistically expect more from Acura. Small premium cars aren’t big sellers, so of course they would have to leverage more extensively off the civic this time around. And this is just a starting cooking grade model, I’m sure they will be a type S to follow that will be geared more towards driving enthusiast. The original Integra was just the same. There were way more base slushbox Integras sold than Type R’s. If the Type S is a more conservatively styled Civic R, I would definitely call this a win.
Intermediate Driver

yes but even the base engine integras had character. this 1.5L turbo 4 is pretty miserable if you havent driven it yet. It would behoove acura to offer a trim with the K20 and a stick, but that will never happen. holding out hope you are right on the type s.
Intermediate Driver

Wow, this is like a repeat of why I lost interest in the Mazda3 at the last generation. Big and overrefined when I want small and scrappy. I never warm up to hood center creases either. To be pedantic, the bumper moldings are debossed, not embossed.
Intermediate Driver

At least it has a real name and not some forgettable and essentially meaningless acronym moniker like the rest of their lineup.