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Hagerty Employee

CRX + Civic: The newest classic Honda Si meets an original superstar | Hagerty Media

What is this, a Civic for ants? The original Honda CRX is small enough to drive right through the uncanny valley separating it from the proportions of modern cars. You could make it three feet longer and it still wouldn't measure up to the 2020 Civic Si coupe sitting next to it.

Your skill and style show, even in a commonplace auto review article.
Advanced Driver

That CRX squared (twin engine) we built years ago at C/D is ready and waiting for your purchase from the third owner in Florida. It's neither cheap nor running at the moment but anyone serious about a double dose of 1985 Honda technology should definitely hunt it down.
Intermediate Driver

I remember that car!
Intermediate Driver

I'll take one of each, please.

Jack - can you fit in the coupe with a helmet on? I absolutely cannot, and I'm only 5'11.

I can, but I have to recline the seat back a bit.
Pit Crew

I had a 1986 CRX HF, no matter how fast or hard I drove it, I would always get 40 mpg at least. My average was about 45 mpg. It was a fun easy to drive car. I ordered from Honda the AC unit and it took me about 40 hours to install it (try that today). Today we need a hybrid to get that kind of mileage. Fun to read the article. If I found a low mileage one, I would buy it.
Intermediate Driver

I love this quote "They’re meant to be unassuming, undemanding, and unexceptional—right up to the moment that you need to get somewhere in a hurry, at which point the entire vehicle reveals a slightly deranged willingness to assist you in this task". This willingness was there in my Screaming Red 1988 CRX Si, and it was there in spades in the 1992 Fresco Blue Prelude Si that followed it. The Prelude's transformation was always like "Whoa! I forgot it did that!", whenever I got on it. It also had the added benefit of not attracting as much attention as the Red CRX Si. My ticket acquisition rate plummeted, even though I really hadn't changed my driving. Thank god that points worked differently back then.
Pit Crew

Back in late 80's/early 90's when I was in college, my roommate had a white CRX. I loved that car more than my boring Nissan Sentra. So when he went home (Spain) for the summer break, I took the liberty of driving that fun zippy car around every chance I could!
Obviously I overdid it, because when he came back he realized the additional mileage and got really mad. I ended up getting kicked out of the apartment, but it was all worth it! 😄
Advanced Driver

I've owned several Civic coupes, and loved everyone of them. I never a owned a CRX, although I was first excited about the CR-Z only to be disappointed. Try as I might, I just CANNOT stomach the front/rear looks of the 2020 Si! Since I only like coupes, sadly, Honda has lost me. 😞

I guess there are just not enough of us with taste and no kids. All of the companies now want to sell what the majority will buy and if you don't fit in that group they don't care. So we get to buy cool used stuff.
Intermediate Driver

I was fortunate enough to own the first, last and an in between years of the CRX and everyone had it's own character. From the base first year, the miserly HF to the exhilerating Si, they all were a blast! As an avid golfer, they could also swallow up to golf bags with ease!

I will stick with go karts.
Pit Crew

I had one new, and loved it. I sold a 83 GTI to get it, drove it until I traded it for a 91 Sentra SE-R. All great cars, wish I had them all now.

Might a Fit Sport be closer in spirit to the CRX than the current Civic Si? It has a hatch and a free-revving, naturally aspirated engine.

Current honda cars have very little in common with the glory days 80's and 90's cars. Sure they have "VTEC" but the old ones could rev high and did not have turbos so you had to rev them to to get power. Times change, the old CRX was a wonderful car they don't do anymore. They attempted to do it as the CR-Z but it never captured the feel of the CRX.


Great assessment. I could not agree more. Honda has a knack for getting "just enough" just right.