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Crossing Australia on a scooter is an experience like no other

“You don’t want to stay there,” said our support-vehicle driver.


“Why not?” I said. Then came a very drunk Australian drawl from a man who had just staggered out of the bar.


“Where’s youze from?” he said.


“Sydney,” I said.


“On those?” he said. Then he scampered back into the bar, where we could hear him shout: “You’ll never guess what these stupid bastards from Sydney have done!” Then they all came out to see what we’d done.


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Replies (4)

Replies (4)

Ah - the Li 150 - my fond 1959 introduction to motorized two wheels


Time frame:

East to West, 15 days?

Pit Crew

so? how big was the Petrol truck

following this Adventure?

Pit Crew

thats some serious time to just cruise and think, while the outback endlessly spreads out in front of you!

Hagerty Employee