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Crewe's missiles: 75 years of ballistic Bentleys | Hagerty Media

The first Bentley may have turned its wheels over a century ago in Cricklewood, London, but it is the company's factory in Crewe, in England's northwest that has been responsible for building 97 percent of these British bruisers.

Interesting article and cute title. Audi purists might quibble that the EXP Speed 8 Prototype wasn't really a Bentley; it was a badge-engineered, green-painted Audi created solely for marketing purposes.

3.5 0-60 is not that impressive for a $280k car, sorry. Would I take one? Sure, but then it would be the 5th slowest car in the garage lol
I know, I know, "it's a rolls"
Advanced Driver

I see mechanics on youtube picking up cheap Bentleys that need work.I think they are forward looking and making very smart moves.

I could see it being very easy for repair/restoration costs outpacing ROI on one of them very easily. I looked at a fairly poor condition 70s era Rolls a few years back and told the seller he would have to pay me to take it in order to make it worth my while

As an Allante owner I find this article interesting as one of the biggest criticisms against the Allante is it's relatively low performance to sticker price ratio. Even when the Bentley horsepower ratings started to improve in the 80s and 90s, you are still looking at 300hp vs a sticker price of 250K versus my Allante's 200hp vs 55K. I don't get the mentality of the collector market sometimes
Pit Crew

I have the 57th production Bentley to be produced at Crewe, a 1946 Mark VI with Vanden Plas bodywork. It is probably also the fastest Bentley to have originated from Crewe - love it or hate it, somebody fit it with a Supercharged Chev 350 V8 - yes, the big GMC 6-71 Blower is poking out of the hood right now! I'd post a photo if I could

wow, did this author miss the mark....? YES.

In 2002 when Audi took over they said: the Arnage should be a serious car, so they went to Cosworth and asked them what to do with the single turbo 6.75l engine, (not the green label red label stuff, after that)... answer: massage the heads and add a turbo (of course). The 2003 Arnage T was the fastest 4 door production car made (that year) and at 5000+lbs still managed to produce 450 hp and an eye watering 640 ftlbs of torque, a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds which is still respectable today. Sublime to drive as it handles like a real sports car. I know, hard to believe. But trust me. I know.

why the author failed to mention this Bentley mile stone I can't say. An amazing car to drive.
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In 2003, I attended LeMans for the first of three 24 hour races there. That race is far and away my favorite. The pair of Bentleys that took 1st and 2nd were spectacular! Ironically, our vantage point to view the race was . . . Arnage corner.