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Hagerty Employee

Creating a fastback Toyota MR2 | Chip Foose Draws a Car - Ep. 12


The mid-engine layout of the Toyota MR2 was a first for a Japanese auto manufacturer, and this Mid-ship Runabout Two-seater was a modern and affordable sports car for the masses. The original MR2's angular shape was influenced by the aerodynamic wedge vehicles from Italian design studios, especially Bertone, in the 1970s. More to the point, the 1981 Toyota SA-X shows the Italian influence on what would become the final product, and serves as Chip's foundation for his latest creation.


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Intermediate Driver

I found it very interesting that his rear side glass treatment gave his design take on the MK1 MR2 a direct familial tie to the MK2 Celica Supra.  I have to wonder if it was intentional?

Advanced Driver

Another home run by Chip. 


I'd love to see him do an early 50's Mercury. Don't know that he's ever done one. There are so many Merc customs nowadays, most of which I don't care for. Either the chop is too extreme or they just repeat customizing tricks that have been way overdone, and yes I'm looking at you DeSoto grilles.