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Crash, Bang, Wallop! When Britain's politicians settled differences in the Lords v Commons car races | Hagerty Media

This story originally appeared on Hagerty UK, and we've retained the British lexicon in the interests of preserving a damp, grey atmosphere. Cheers! Side by side, the two Fiestas enter Brands Hatch's final corner at speed. Drifting wide, the tyres of one just clip the gravel trap.

I’ve spent most of my life on Long Island, NY, just East of NYC, (and containing two of its boroughs.)
One of our numerous claims to notoriety was the invention of the Demolition Derby.

Larry Mendelsohn at one time owned and operated Islip Speedway, in Islip NY. I actually worked for him, though in a different venue.
I lived about five miles North from it, and every Saturday night you could hear the sound of unmuffled car engines.

Well Done Hagerty! In all my years of following motorsport, I have never heard of this. Very cool
Intermediate Driver

Should get two drivers for each car, one conservative for the right turns, one labour for the left turns.