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Hagerty Employee

Cracking the secrets of a Tesla's "brain box"—the good, the bad, and the ugly

DEF CON, a yearly tech and defense industry convention that focuses mostly on exploiting and reverse-engineering "secure" technologies in order to reveal weak links, has begun releasing batches of its presentations for 2020. Among these presentation is one by Patrick Kiley, who investigates how a Tesla's software can be modified to unlock features and performance potential that's normally restricted based on factors like the trim level of the vehicle or who owns it.


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You think this is bad? Wait until there are true self driving cars. China can't wait to control its population's mobility including when and more importantly where they can travel, and in the worst case, rerouting them to government offices for "investigation".  The US may not be far behind.  This is a huge issue with networked vehicles that is being ignored.

Hagerty Employee

Learned a ton from this, thanks for the breakdown!


There's no need to hack a Tesla, they are already faster than anything else you can buy.  Even the slowest Tesla is super fast and a lot faster than anything from the muscle car era and faster than most of today's muscle car repops.  Plus, Tesla's are like riding on a magic carpet, so unbelievably smooth, no howling for air, no stinking exhaust, no shifting gears.  If you want to hack something, Tesla-ize a non-Tesla.  Now we're talking.

New Driver

This is great


I wonder what your take is on NIO, a Chinese EV manufacturer that's aggressively growing sales in its home market. It's share price performance is off the charts: