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Hagerty Employee

Could you handle the meanest Viper on two wheels?

The Dodge Viper holds a special place for many auto enthusiasts due to its raw performance, stunning looks, and the fact that it remained an uncompromised driver's car for all of its existence. Of course, the heart of the Viper is its unique powerplant, an all-aluminum V-10 developed to be the meanest naturally aspirated track terror that Ma Mopar ever cooked up.
Intermediate Driver

This creation is begging for the caption
“Hey! Watch this!”
Advanced Driver

Hold my Newcastle!

Looks like the rider's right knee is within an inch of the exhaust header. I see there's a heat shield there, but I'm guessing that the rider's suit has got Nomex in it. Otherwise it wouldn't be a ride, it would be a barbecue.

I'm guessin' y'all didn't watch the video.
Advanced Driver

Heat shield lined with fake fireplace coals. Ingenious.
Intermediate Driver

absolutely fantastic why haven't we heard before this over ten years ago!
Intermediate Driver

Don't remember which magazine but there was a pretty good write up on it back when he built it.
Intermediate Driver

Still more nimble than a Harley.

Hold my beer while I give this a try…
Intermediate Driver

Great ingenuity and attention to detail. Moreover, it actually looks rideable!
Intermediate Driver

Confuzious say: Just because you can (or think you can), doesn't mean you should. This is closely related to "hold my beer and watch this!"

Note, 200 mph is accessible by an unhealthy number of stock bikes that don't require an 8-plus liter displacement V10 with a single speed transmission

Wonder how he gets away with a tipover, and how many guys it takes to pick it up... that V10 isn't mounted low on the (non-existent) chassis.

Oh well, too much time on his hands, I guess. He has build all manner of things, quite a number of his videos have drifted by my screen.
New Driver

Have we forgotten the Dodge Tomahawk V10 motorcycle?
Intermediate Driver

I can't believe it took 12 years for this story to get out, I remember reading about it when he first did it. I must be getting old!

Darned kids with their rock and roll music, hot rod motorcycles and velcro shoes!!! LOL

I'm sure I could not handle it. I owned a Boss Hoss for a time and never got comfortable with it. But Allen is a next level genius at wringing amazing projects from the resources he has. The Viper bike seems straightforward compared to how he melded two Kawasaki straight sixes into a V-12:
Pit Crew

It’s a cool bike but needs improvement. It needs some type of transmission so it can rev higher, can’t even do a tire shredding burnout:( Also needs a different air intake system as it sounds like it’s starving for more air when it first gets going. Tamahawk was the first viper engine motorcycle and it was bad ass!! Great innovation though.

Salt Flat at best.
No way you could ride it on a windy mountain road at "speed".
?_ so why....

This is nuts in the best sense of the word. So crazy and so awesomely engineered. Great mind for this. For some reason I feel like he would invite us to the Shire and then we would have to go throw a ring in the volcano. Hmm, love his voice too.