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Hagerty Employee

Could this stupendously clean Subaru STi 22B crack $250,000? | Hagerty Media

JDM fans all across the country have been waiting for it, and it's finally here: The first 1998 Subaru 22B STi offered at public auction in the U.S. just posted on Bring A Trailer. For those of you wondering why anyone would freak out over a relatively mild-looking Japanese compact, this isn't just any Subaru...
Pit Crew

Um... Hello!


Why isn't anyone talking about this?
Hagerty Employee

Im a little surprised as well. Its a pretty huge sale on a very significant car. 


To be honest, Don’t really care!

If someone values it that much more power to the seller. I can find a better place for $250,000 in my garage. 

This car has a small but loyal following but most people like me like them just not for that price. 

I know where a Fiero sold for near $70k. But I could be just has happy with another one for much less. 

Every model has a Unicorn. 


Impressive performance, ugly wing. The price? Worth whatever a buyer will pay, I guess.
New Driver

With all respect, calling the 22B wing ugly is tantamount to calling the Ferrari F40 wing ugly. Functional? Yes (note the adjustability). Visually striking and bold design? Check. To each his own, but this is the aerodynamic equivalent of Kate Upton.

The 22b is the WRX/STI holy grail car. It doesn't matter if the new ones are faster, this is the most important model in the line. I love it. It looks great and has been the inspiration for others to take an Impreza 2.5RS and try to make a 22B style clone.