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Hagerty Employee

Could this barn-find Lincoln Continental become the next six-figure sweetheart?

The 1961 through '69 Lincoln Continental has entered territory not often populated by the likes of American luxury sedans: the realm of the seriously valuable, highly collectible classic. As discussed in our Buyer's Guide, a shockingly large number of younger folks are interested in Ford's mid-century flagship, and pristine examples fetch top dollar.
Intermediate Driver

This a just a POS parts car at best. Why anybody could think it be would be a viable restoration candidate is beyond me. It likely has rotten floors, frame rails, a seized engine, etc. Hagerty shouldn't waste good time and space pushing this as even considered as restorable. Must be a slow news week.

Like Leno says, Put in a couple of years, $250,000 and before you know it you've got yourself a $100,000 car!!

Well, at least the air cleaner hasn't been removed. Looking for the bright spot here....

It is a parts car for a better car that is being restored. It will never be restored by a rational person.
Pit Crew

Open up your wallet, This is going to take a lot of cash $$$$$
Pit Crew

"Ran when parked"
"Mostly complete"
"Paint needs buffing"
"A/C needs charge"

Oh yeah, needs a battery, too!

So many of the comments here are from these type of people, that have little imagination and likely less experience other than watching MT TV.
Pit Crew

Agree with comments re: '61 barn (junk yard?) find's sad state and future prospects - noting that the '65 which sold for $330k was essentially a new car - inside and out....and the seller reported restoration receipts of $237,500. Just guessing that the original car was already a reasonably intact vehicle.

Intermediate Driver

It's a parts car.
Intermediate Driver

That's just scary. A hole on 4 wheels into which you throw money. But heck, someone will pay a gazillion dollars for it as is on BaT. I wouldn't want to be holding this half finished when the market crashes. And it will crash.
New Driver

My family had 4 Lincolns from that time period, two - a 63 and a 65 were 4 door convertibles. I would be interested to know where this one was found as we had one of similar color.
They really were great cars. I was young, but me and my brother got were we could fix most things, including the convertible mechanism pretty fast. We also had a 68 Tbird that I wished I had.
Advanced Driver

Parts car. Period.

Take all the convertible top parts, maybe the windshield, pull the Lincoln only transmission and power steering pump and all the brake drums. Then sell the rest of the car by the pound.

This is the kind of car that I would just like to clean up, tune up, and drive it the way it is. Unfortunately ridiculous collector values makes that sort of thing next to impossible these days

Pit Crew

Does it come with an unlimited supply of Maui Wowie to keep you sedated while bringing this dirty boat back from the pigeon nest that it is?? I just the owner couldn’t afford a blue tarp from Harbor freight! I’d fix it if it were a 246 Dino GT, but parting it out would be the path of least risk, financially!
Intermediate Driver

Its crazy how the collector car market is always changing. A few years ago Hemi cars were big money and now they are still 6 figure cars but not like they were. Early Porsche 901 cars still seem to be on the rise. Bay window VW buses and here is a shocker Super Beetles are on the rise in value. Who knows what this droptop Lincoln will eventually fetch. I know that its one car that I would not do an EV conversion on.

This is a perfect candidate for what one of my old friends would call a "slam-bang!" Yank the original engine and trans and add the requisite 350/350 (keep the nine inch!), send the body to the nearest Earl Scheib for a deluxe $1500.00 paint job with clear coat, and then haul it down to TJ (Tijuana for those that don't live in SoCal!) for a horsehair-stuffed vinyl upholstery job. A set of wheels and tires from Pep Boys and a bumping stereo from Kmart and we are rollin'! Into the whole thing for about five grand and then take it to the Pomona Swap Meet and sell it for $8500.00. Money maker!
Pit Crew

all that is probably not possible for an investment of 5K; furthermore such a restorage hassel for an expected profit of only 3K? the car sold for much higher than 5K in the meantime on Ebay.
Advanced Driver

One of my auto shop customers still has his Grandfather's all White 1963 Lincoln hardtop w/suicide doors in near all original condition. It has the 430 (2-3 years only?). We did a lot of mechanical work on it over the years, but EVERTYTHING is now a total pain the ass as far as repairs or for parts. We worked on "as a longtime friend" but always for big money and very little profit.
Interesting fact; It is one of the first BIG, very heavy non-frame unibody cars I have ever seen.

From what I can see, I can only imagine what you aren't seeing. I have had quite a few rag tops in my day and the potential for rust is astronomical.
Intermediate Driver

Many don’t realize that the retractable drop-top (into the trunk) makes Continentals & T-Birds some of the most complex cars ever produced in Detroit. The electric/hydraulic mechanism for the soft top Lincoln uses a hydraulic system with 10 relays, five reversing motors, & about 15 limit switches. On some models the rear windows also drop and raise automatically when the top is activated. Going through & replacing required electrical & hydraulic components to get this system operating properly could easily cost well over $10,000
Intermediate Driver

Looks like an Animal House Death Mobile clone candidate.....

Didn't the early continentals have the 410 engine?
Pit Crew

Looksto me like the perfect example of a car that you will never sell for more cash than you invest into it (and you have to get LUCKY to even get that back) / unless you are a 100% pro, have tons of time, no other hobbies, wife or kids and can do almost everything yourself. Anyone else: stay away or this is the project that never ends.
Intermediate Driver

Completely disassemble the big Conti, clean the parts or not, and sell them.


hit more times than Joe Louis?
Pit Crew

Might have been better had it actually been in a barn...rough is an understatement.
Intermediate Driver

I see a pitchfork in the background of one of the pics - It could actually be a barn! ... Or the old plant a pitchfork in the background trick.
Advanced Driver

I'm always sad to see almost any old car--but particularly a rare one like this Continental--be allowed to molder away, unprotected. Even a tarp thrown over the car would have helped.

Even worse are the owners who, when asked about selling say, "Oh, it's not for sale. I'm gonna restore it one of these days." And that day never comes, and it just deteriorates to the point where restoration is just impossible. For several years I watched a '34 American Austin roadster and a '59 Moretti (with less than 1k miles on the odometer), both uncovered, gradually sinking into the dirt of an open-sided shed. There were two more American Austin roadsters in the guy's barn--no interest in selling. Finally I went by one day, and the house, shed, barn--and cars were all gone and a gas station was under construction on the site. Never was able to find out what happened to the cars.

I was, however able to save a '56 Renault 4CV convertible--the only one known in the US--from an actual barn in Indiana that had been flattened by a tornado. So sometimes you luck out.

Pit Crew

I cannot understand how anybody would allow a car like this Continental, or any other vehicle I have seen so negligently left, to sit and rot in a garage regardless of location. How hard would it be to cover a vehicle, at least protecting it from the elements. This person, among many should be whipped within an inch of their lives.

this car should go to someone who will restore it, drive it, enjoy it and love it for what it is and not to someone who only views collector cars for their bottom dollar return. for those people, may i respectfully suggest you find another interest
Intermediate Driver

This, exactly. Seems like the checkbook hobbyists are running amok here. Of course it's rough - sorta goes with the barn territory. I'm amused that so many folks can see through their computer screens and determine that it is not worth bothering. Pull her out, clean her up a bit and see what you have. This is a hobby - something folks do for fun. If you want to count your returns, the stock market is waiting for you. Do you look at your ROI for golfing? Hunting? Okay, that's enough soap box for one evening. Personally I'd love to see the rest of the story on this one.
New Driver

Agreed, some other forums I'm on were just talking about barn finds or junk yards with a bad roof. Unless your barn is climate controlled, water tight and pest free these cars are going to be junk except for a few parts and tv shows and sites like this have driven up the price insanely. Sure maybe it's a rare car but these people want an arm and leg now for junk that someone has to put hundreds of thousands of dollars into...barn finds suck!
Intermediate Driver

Someone call Jay Leno...he's got the deep pockets, shop resources, and crew that can bring her back.

Someone is out of their mind. Rare is less than a 1000.
New Driver

Loved these cars and their suicide doors. It's gonna take a lot of TLC and a lot more $$$$$$ to restore this one.

Money pit! But cool. It's got Sajeev written all over it. How much do you plan to bid?
Community Manager

It was too rich for me the moment the auction came up. The next Continental in my fleet will be a 1995-1996. 

Intermediate Driver

In the last pic, #6, there is an actual pitchfork visible near some hay, thus - It's a real barn find! But come on dude, unless you've been in a cave sine the 1990's when the collector car market went crazy, (you knew that it had SOME value) how could you not lift a finger in at least a feeble attempt to protect this car a little better? We need to start a 503c organization called "Tarps for Tools," where car guys (& gals) donate a few cents each so people like this are forced to get the big tarp for $3.99 at Harbor Freight! Maybe two for this boat.

New Driver

Gentleman im looking to find a company that can pull off a miracle and make a Bubble Top for a 1962 Lincoln Continental Sedan. Just like the 1962 Jackie Kennedy Bubble Top Lincoln, Any Suggestions of where to start Looking Any assistance would be greatly Appreciated

It amazes me what can be considered restorable today. Of course we don't know how much rust there is, this may well be nothing more then a nice parts car. If someone has a barn finds account it would be great if you can post what it actually sells for. It would be interesting to know.