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Hagerty Employee

Corvair racers capture land speed records on the Bonneville salt

You’re looking at the current record holder of the SCTA’s F/Classic Production class. For now, at least. In the last few years, there’s been some competition in the Bonneville classic production classes, where body modifications are minimal and aerodynamics can be tricky.


This particular Corvair racing endeavor started three years ago ...


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Pit Crew

Well Done!! Your effort clearly describes the "ethos" of The Salt. It ain't easy by any means   and it gets way harder with each new effort. I wonder if a Lycoming TSIO -720 would fit in there? 2 club maybe? Good luck dealing with your Salt Fever.

Intermediate Driver

Nice!  Long time since I've seen as pretty a race car as that on the flats.  I'm glad they kept the stock look.


Just one thing, Brendan Gillogly: please learn the proper use of the word "comprise."  "Comprise" means "embrace."  So you can say, "The crew comprises Rick, Micheal, and Scott." Or, if you prefer, you can write "Rick, Michael, and Scott constitute the crew." 


But the expression, "is comprised of," makes no sense. 


Just sayin'....

Pit Crew

Hmm.  When I look up comprise it does not mean embrace.  

past tense: comprised; past participle: comprised
  1. consist of; be made up of.
    "the country comprises twenty states"
Advanced Driver

That's great ! Maybe the Corvair will get some - or more, depending on the individual - respect. I would imagine that some arrangement's been made to provide even cooling using the 911-style fan, which is clever.


glad the kept the oe motor (even tho 'reworked') I know no thing abt classes, there's so many. I didn't even notice the changed fan, but did C the (is it) Holley 4v.  Grandma hada monza but it never looked/moved like this one!

This the only air cooled and transaxeled (either or) amer made vehicle.  I think a vette hada transaxle but that was ZF (german)?


This demonstrates the custom of breaking records and not destroying them, so you can come back again and break another! Keeps life interesting!!

Intermediate Driver

The class was established to make it affordable. A Porsche transaxle violates that spirit.

New Driver

Beautiful car. Timeless lines equal to any car. Nader really destroyed a vehicle that may have evolved on a similar path to the 911. Would love to see the evolution to the 2021 version.