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Compression problems? Here's a tool you shouldn't be without | Hagerty Media

I got a message last week from my friend Craig Fitzgerald, asking for help with his 1965 Corvair Monza. As president of the New England Motor Press Association and editor-in-chief at, Craig has his hands in a number of automotive-related pies. But not surprisingly, we have the most fun when we're just two regular car guys.
Intermediate Driver

Another thing to keep in mind is that tightening things up on the top end of a worn engine can cause grief on the lower end. I read this in Road & Track in the Seventies and I saw it happen to my brother's car. After rebuilding the heads the car began to burn a lot of oil.

A typically good article by Rob, although I must say that when I first saw the photo of the car in the garage, I thought, "you're looking in the wrong end of a Corvair for compression problems, guys!"  😄