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Complete your collection with these 3 well-documented 1970 LS6 Chevys

In the 1960s and early ’70s, the muscle car era could be likened to an all-out arms race of horsepower. Anything over 350 horses could be considered potent, but going over 400 hp was completely nuclear when you consider the tire technology and lack of driver aids.


For 1970, Chevrolet introduced its new 454-cubic-inch big-block, which produced an impressive 450 horsepower. While these figures are a regular thing today, in 1970 it was like powering a car with a Saturn V rocket. The 454's horsepower rating wouldn't be matched by an American auto manufacturer until the late ’90s with the Viper. It is noteworthy when a good LS6 Chevelle or El Camino comes up for sale, but it's quite an event when a Chevelle in each available body style and an El Camino are all auctioned at the same time. Mecum Auctions is offering a group of cars called the LS6 Collection at its Indianapolis sale in July; the collection features some truly fantastic cars that any muscle car collector should salivate over.


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Intermediate Driver

I'd venture to suggest 50, not 500, El Caminos were built with the LS6. True numbers are not known.

Advanced Driver

Compliment/complement?   There is a difference.


Love them all, especially one of the last good-looking El Caminos.