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First, I'd like to thank Jay Leno and mention he should be greatly respected for his contribution to the world for the preservation and show casing of automobiles and motorcycles. Second, Auctions are very entertaining to watch, but when I'm not in contention I don't care much about what or why readers complain. Enjoy life and stay safe.


Jay has become an ambassador for the automotive hobby weather he was trying or not. He is someone that represent nearly all of us as he treasures all the cars not just a small slice of the hobby. 

He once drove a Pro Stock car and a friend of mine was involved with setting it up. Around the same time I built a model of that car. My friend asked me if I would build him a car to send to Jay and I said yes. 

I did it as I appreciated Jay and his automotive enthusiasm. A little while later I was sent a phot signed to me with Jay and the race car. Also a signed Tonight Show hat. He never had to do this and it meant a lot to me. Today I display the photo and hat with my car show trophies and I hope he still has the car in his collection some place. 

Jay if you read this you have my autograph. I signed the inside of the cat and numbered it. I had built a couple so I numbered them. 

Thanks for the hat and phot and thanks for how you represent us all. You and Tim Allen have done much to help us in the hobby.