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Hagerty Employee

Collector, racer, photographer, event organizer-Bill Warner does it all

Since I was 3 years old, I've loved cars. We lived about two blocks from Automobile Row here in Jacksonville, and I used to pedal my bike over to the dealers all the time and bug them to death. I still remember in '53 when the prototype Corvette came to town and was on display.
Intermediate Driver

👍 keep going Bill Warner, we need more like you LD71😄
New Driver

Great story, thanks for starting and making Amelia such a great event. All of his cars are ones I'd love to have. My TR8 is a lot closer to stock than his is. I read that the GT40 was a daily driver and had over 40k miles. Got to be one of the most used GT40s, which is how it should be.