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Hagerty Employee

Collectible Classic -- 1962-64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

The introduction of Studebaker's Gran Turismo Hawk in the fall of 1962 was something akin to an ICU patient hopping out of bed and reaching for a pack of Luckies. The industry had assumed that Studebaker's long-running C/K coupe/hardtop, which had made its debut in 1953, as the Starliner, had finally run its course at [...]

We need pictures with this article please.

Ideally show the updates the author is talking about in contrast to the 53 (pure original design) and the previous update they are positing that this exceeded.

I have never been fussy on squared-off rooflines, including on Thunderbirds. At least in anything pre 70s nothing comes to mind where I think that was a good design choice.