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Hagerty Employee

Collectible Classic: 1961- 1980 International Harvester Scout

It's ironic that, on the very cusp of the SUV revolution, International Harvester stopped production of its Scout, a line of truly sporty and utilitarian vehicles. Unlike so many of today's tufted and frilly trucks that, aggressive images notwithstanding, are rarely used to go any further off-road than a mall parking lot, the Scout was [...]

My father picked up a Scout II in a storage barn clearout deal where he got a few other vehicles. He didn't want the scout (48 Chev was his target) so it got passed to my uncle.

The body was rough, to the point that it just fell off in large section over the next few years as my early teens cousins used it as a bush vehicle on their property. It amazed them as it took years to kill it and they were not kind.

This was some time ago. In hindsight we should have sourced a new body tub I suppose...