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Hagerty Employee

Classic Mini manual transmission gets assembled with some new parts | Redline Update

The "oil pan" for our 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S needs to be reassembled. Typically an oil pan wouldn't require so much work, but it just so happens that this one has an entire transmission inside it.
Intermediate Driver

Perhaps "Transmissoilpan", yes?
Pit Crew

I just gotta ask.
In the January 3, 2022 Hagerty News, Kyle Smith discusses 6 pieces of protective safety gear no one should be without. One of those items was Nitrile gloves.
Davin does not seem to be a believer based on watching the Redline Rebuild series.
Why not?
Hagerty should be leading by example on safety.
Advanced Driver

I immensely enjoy these demonstrations, Davin! They are VERY informative and the explanations are clear and well-thought-through! I must say something, however, to the videographer: The "background music" is so loud that if Davin is speaking, his voice is lost in the tumultuous sounds. When he isn't speaking, I turn the "music" down--then have to turn the sound up in order to hear Davin when he comes back on. If it is "background music" which you want--let it be just that: BACKGROUND. Thanks for listening!