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Classic Mini Cooper updated with BMW M3 styling | Chip Foose Draws a Car - Ep. 14

The iconic Mini did everything from basic commuting to hitting the track in anger, and now Chip Foose has a plan to transform its classy lines to suit a red-hot BMW M3 powertrain. What would a Mini look like in order to be worthy of that performance upgrade?


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Intermediate Driver

Chip, you should have started with a New Mini.  It would have been a much better starting point to "M3".


It would be cool to have an S54 under the hood.  Probably too long for that engine bay.  As an alternate, how about a turbo 4 from BMW?  Plenty of power and might fit in with some "shoe horning".  Or, the same turbo 4 in the rear - a la Renault. (???)

Advanced Driver

Unlike so many lesser customizers Chip never makes changes for the sake of change. Hearing his explanation of what he's done here is an excellent example.


Don't know that Chip ever reads these comments, but I'd love to see him do a Mercury from the early 50's.

New Driver

Sorry Chip... love your work but this wasn’t among your best. It was clearly a sportier version of the Mini Cooper, but aside from the wheels, I didn’t get much of an M3 feel.


Foose I have a Classic Mini in Miami waiting for you to take your first Mini .. I am in , are you IN?