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Hagerty Employee

Classic Mini Cooper S 1275cc short block assembly | Redline Update

The first set of bearings that were ordered ended up being too small for the finished machined crankshaft, but a replacement set arrived faster than expected and allowed progress to roll forward (almost) without a hiccup. We say "almost" because Davin might have had the proper bearings, but he lacked the proper tool to check the oil clearance on those bearings.
New Driver

Love your videos.
One thing that I believe important that I didn't see you cover was ring placement on the pistons before assembly. While you and I know that the gaps need to be staggered, some newbies might not.
Other than that, very informative.
Advanced Driver

Whoops--"Classic Mini Copper..."? Wha hoppen to tha Copy Editor?
Pit Crew

I learn the most from what does not go right the first time. Not sure what the green thing that bolts to the main pulley is but it looks like it took some back and forth to get it right. Can you elaborate?

Thanks for the great videos.

Pit Crew

Owner of two Classic Mini. Very intelligent car. Fits 4 and only 1300lbs. My appreciation in choosing the Classic Mini. Your job rebuilding the engine with so much details, is really fantastic. I could not rebuilt my engine due to the need of so many tools for one time only but everything else, it's an easy car to work with. I am looking for the others episodes x final HPs, etc.
New Driver

Great videos, Davin. But I wish you wouldn't handle all those compounds and lubricants with your bare hands. We all used to do that, but now we know that you don't want to be absorbing those chemicals through your skin. Kyle Smith covered safety gear recently.