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Hagerty Employee

Classic Club Coupe marks coming of age for the 996

Much like an artist who only garners respect and success in death, the 996-generation Porsche 911 continues its unabated rise from the ashes of rampant depreciation and communal disrespect. With the fresh debut of the one-off Classic Club Coupe at Amelia Island's annual Werks Reunion, the unloved 996 just received a blessing from the pope and a symbolic reintroduction into the true canon of the Porsche 911.

I am not sure where people get the idea that every car is collectable with out time and age.
In this day most people like to expect an instant classic or a car that is of great value at under 20 years old.

Many forget that we high school kids made a good living buying muscle cars cheap in the 80's and easily doubling our money in a few years. If we only had held on we would have seen 6x the increase once they were over 30-40 years old.

This 911 is not old, not rare and not in high demand. At least for now. As time goes on and the Air Cooled cars get priced out it will be next car up. The real key will be the affordability to restore or maintain. Often these cost can kill a car even with a prized name if there is just no real demand.

Look around now and the 944 and 928 are just now seeing some interest where they had lingered for years at $4K. The 928 just was not worth the rebuild due to the value of the car. This has made them rare and of interest.

Also many valuable cars were once hated cars. They Superbirds lingered on lots for 2-3 years to sell. The Cobras were beat up used up racers few wanted at one time. Then there are some instant classics like the 78 Indy Pace Car Corvettes that went for stupid money that are still not really high priced due to so many stored away with low miles.

This 911 will also sufferer comparisons as many hard core 911 fans will never accept a no air cooled. Just as many Pontiac fans will not count any car with out a real Pontiac engine as a real Pontiac.

The way I see it is you buy a car because you like it no matter what. If it is worth something fine if not then you have a car you love. This 911 is a bargain and a good buy for someone that can't afford the higher air cooled car. If it is ever worth anything fine if not you have a cool car in the eyes of many as most have no idea about the air cooled water cooled differences.
New Driver

I acquired a 996tt on 2010 it has been a wonderful problem free car. I love the looks and see the move to water cooled as a necessary move to increased performance long term. The lights and cooling system never came into consideration .
It is an awesome car and still holds it's own to this day
About time for this change