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Class of 1994: The best cars of the early ’90s marked a sweet spot between carburetors and CarPlay

Twenty-six years later, the best of 1994’s cars offer unique opportunities to automotive enthusiasts, particularly those on a budget. They’re felicitous fusions of reliability and excitement, possessed of traditional character and computerized troubleshooting. Perfectly positioned between the vacuum-line emissions nightmares of 1984 and the generic flush-faced aero-clones of 2004.


To shine a light on the great choices available from this year, we assembled an international quartet in Ohio’s Hocking Hills for a long-overdue class reunion. No cap or gown necessary.


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Epic article.  Very well done and completely agree to the concept.  Mid-90's really were a sweet spot in the analog experience.  I know it's hard to pick just 4, but think I would have chosen the same vintage BMW M3 instead of the VW or Jag.  Just sayin'.  

Pit Crew